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Welcome to THE AREA 51 CLAN

The Office of the Vice President of Area 51

17th Vice President of Area 51


Current Vice President: Aryan

Assumed Office: July 9, 2014

President: CooLHeaT

Chief of Staff: N/A

Preceded By: CooLHeaT ,MadMerlin (17th), Mark (16th), Falcon (15th), Vanda (14th) ,Falcon (13th), Merlin (12th), Stalin8Lenin (11th), John (10th), Underline (9th), Diecast (8th), Link (7th), Assassin (6th), ZanderCage (5th), PHATAL (4th), MP44 (3rd), Reaver (2nd), Slug (1st)

Join Date:

Previous Position(s):

Xfire: N/A

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Responsibilities of the Position:

The Vice President of Area 51 is obligated to make decisions in the best interest of the clan as a whole with approval of the President. He is to oversee the Executive Cabinet and may execute any authority of which the cabinet possesses. The Vice President has the unrestricted right to advance, suspend or release a member of Area 51. All actions of the Vice President may be repealed by the President.

In addition, the Vice President may also oversee operations of the Area 51 Clan Senate during meetings. He may suggest topics for concern and present items to be voted upon.


Biography and Acquisition: