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Welcome to THE AREA 51 CLAN

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The Area 51 clan was founded on January 26th, 2007.

On January 26, 2007, Slug and Infamous together set out to start their own clan. They both spent days and days figuring out rules, structuring, and most importantly, a name. Slug having been a member of the United States Air Force and living in Nevada, wanted to carry on his beliefs of government. Together Infamous and Slug founded Area 51 with the ranks of the United States government. The both of them together vowed to do everything through a joint decision and in knowledge of one another. They wanted a clan where each member had the opportunity to voice their opinion. At 9:11PM on January 26, 2007, this new clan had a website (

Not long after, Area 51 picked up another 3 members. Those unsung members are Damien, Solyk and Snik, all of which are considered founders for having joined in the first week and putting in a lot of their own time into helping Area 51 start.

With a solid foundation for a clan, all five of those members got to work recruiting on Swat 4. Monetary contributions were made possible and servers were added for Area 51's first battalion, Swat 4. Within a week of recruiting, Area 51's member count quickly grew to 25. By the end of February, there was a total of 86 members in all that were apart of Area 51.

The Area 51 clan gradually explored the possibilities of expanding into other games.

In late February of 2007, Area 51 merged with the "LPS" clan and created its first war game battalion for Call of Duty 2. Call of Duty 2 was steadily growing as a battalion and at one point exceeded the activity of the Swat 4 battalion. Unfortunately, the Call of Duty 2 battalion failed as a result of the many leadership changes within the battalion. The Call of Duty 2 battalion taught the new clan founders what to expect in a multi-gaming clan.

With the failed Call of duty 2 battalion, several other battalions were started. As a result of the hardship and workload, Slug had to step down as the founding Vice President. He is rarely seen nowadays, but we know he is lurking in the shadows amongst us.

Area 51 has celebrated its first "Claniversary" on January 26, 2008 with 32 active members attending the party on Teamspeak.

On January 26, 2009, the Area 51 clan will have been in operation for a full two years.


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- Infamous, Founding President and Chief Advisor